oh dear stagecoach.

12 Feb

now i don’t particularly like complaining and certainly not in writing, but the stagecoach bus i got on this morning was a real shocker. the images i’ve uploaded don’t really show the state of what was happening and if i had video on my phone (someone please buy me an iphone 4 haha) then you would have been able to get a better understanding.

sitting upstairs, in what was a pretty fowl stench, i noticed by my feet (as the driver pressed the brake) a gush of water flood towards the front of the bus, after which it all gushed back again when the bus accelerated. it was horrible (lets hope it was only dirty water). on top of that the was plenty of mould on the windows as well as water dripping from them, just shocking!

had this been a free bus, it might be slightly more understandable, but paying an over priced fare and then sitting in conditions like that (don’t get me wrong i went downstairs in the end) are far from acceptable.

stagecoach you are a disgrace, people in hull (one of the poorest areas of the uk) shouldn’t be paying high fares and then expect to board a bus in that condition!

enough ranting for now.


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